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About Us

Our History

In 2011 a "think tank" composed of visionary healthcare professionals convened in Miami, Florida to consider the future preservation of the Independent physician in light of large health system employment of physicians.  The result was the conception and formation of The Independent Physician's Association of Nassau/Suffolk Counties.  A small but highly dedicated staff was able to grow the IPA by steadily increasing membership.  Securing the first enhanced payer contract was essential to further IPA development.  This was achieved with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  

Physician member benefits including group purchasing and discounted malpractice insurance were added to the list of IPA services.  Remaining true to the concept of uniting physicians to remain independent was key to continued IPA success.  Today, our members form a strong clinically integrated network collaborating via an integrated population health platform to deliver high quality, cost effective care that improves outcomes and increases both patient and provider satisfaction.


What We Do

IPANS offers peace of mind to private practice physicians on Long Island who wish to remain independent but are unsure how to financially do so. With nearly one-third of doctors becoming employed by hospitals and larger healthcare organizations because of budgetary concerns, quality of care has been drastically reduced while overall costs have increased. We offer services to our physicians that relieve them of their administrative functions which allows them to focus on the care of the patient. Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare to ensure patients receive the right Care at the right Place at the right Time. ™

IPA of Nassau/Suffolk Countries